Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last hours of 2008.

Last hours of 2008.
2008. So many bitter sweet memories. If I had one wish right now, I wish for something that can hold my sweetest memories close to me so that I won't forget. And something to put away all the bitter ones for good. 2008 has been a wonderful year to me. . having agreat girl friend atrue lover beside you is the best thing ever and all the wonderful people I've met, all the things we've done together with my sayang, all those are the ones I am fond of. Honestly, I am sad to know that 2008 is passing, waiting for no one. Approaching 2009, a new chapter we must write on, an empty canvas we must paint on, a new life to be created without knowing whats going to happen.

We might lose some friends, we might gain some. We cry for the departing 2008, we cheer for the upcoming 2009. If it weren't for 2008, I wouldn't be happier now. =)

but im happy for upcomming year
happy new year all

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