Tuesday, July 21, 2009

from The first time i saw you I loved you ...... yeah i loved you from the first time i saw your sweet face

She shock my world from that first touch.I never knew how to love till she showed me how.

When I close my eyes I can stillfeel her touch her kiss

. She took my love to places I never knew before

. She show me how to truly love with all my heart and soul.

when look into her eyes and see the fire burning inside, I can feel the heart from her body.Pressing my lips against hers for just a spilt of a second, then pulling her closer to me. I place my tongue not inside but, gliding it teasingly, gently, across her bottom lip.Inhaling our breaths & our tongues finally meet, tongues that slides smoothly against each other, tongues intertwine in a slow dance. My tongue starts to draw her into a rhythm of want and need.My tongue devourers her, guiding her into the enigma that awaits her. Our tongues brings the forth of passion, fantasy, and esctasy. Filled with unknown pleasures. Words that need not to be spoken, only feelings, those feelings to be share through a kiss

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