Saturday, June 18, 2011

how to keep some love alive

 how to keep some love alife

Here are some tips :

1-Tell her you love her. Do you do it enough? Be specific. Say, "Honey, you make me laugh," or "You're the sexiest person I've ever met." Only say it if you mean it. She'll know the difference
2-Buy her flowers. Do it today! Don't just wait for a special occasion. Surprise her!
3-Take her out on a date. So many long-term couples don't go out on dates, especially if they live together or have kids. A date doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Go see an art opening or a free concert in the park.
4-Make a date for romance. Is your love life in a rut? Plan an evening of intimacy. Turn off the TV, light candles, put on some romantic music, send the kids to a baby sitter or get a hotel room.
5-Tell her she's beautiful.
6-Have interests of your own, but make time for her. She fell for you because you intrigued her. Keep doing what you love. If you're a well-rounded person, you'll always have things to talk about.
7-Encourage her to follow her heart's desire. Does she have a hidden dream? Does she fantasize of being a famous painter? Buy her an easel. Has she always wanted to climb Mt. Everest? Buy her books on Nepal or a new pair of hiking boots. Does she want to return to school? Help her apply for financial aid. The happier she is with herself, the happier she'll be with you.

8-Listen with your ears and your heart. Let her know you're paying attention. Ask her what she would like to make your relationship better. Be open to what she has to say
9-Follow up your words with actions. Did you promise to go with her to visit her mother? Say you were going to take her out on Saturday night? Return the videos? Do it!
10-Communicate. Listen with respect. Repeat what you heard her say. Validate her points. Validate her.

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