Thursday, November 8, 2007

Being a lesbian Is Not....

Some ppl think that being a lesbian is da (curse) from God! and that by knowing one,they would be Sinner and would be thrown to Hell..!! Well for me,Being a _lesbian is not a Big deal..I mean I can accept the fact of having different ppl,with different mentality and cabability as well.. I can accept them as long as they are Human being..I dont even say that Eww this is a or whatever Being _lesbian... Is like that you have it in your nature...(tomboy) Acting in a Masculine way sometimes (I forgot the right spelling for the word but what I meant is in manly way)... I do have male friends..But I cant think of'em as lovers..Its like when you ask one guy (can u kiss ur best male friend and he says Eww!! Nope!! Never!!)..

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