Friday, December 26, 2008

the fact of our life as gays or les or bi‏

the fact of our life as gays or les or bi‏

THE thing is
we can't just say

"Oh, i can't come out because my parentsare strict Muslims/Jews/catholic ,Lutherians"

because that means that we're blaming our religion, and our God, on our cooped up sexuality. And we can't just say "I can't come out because I'm arabian /((Kuwaity))/Native Indian", or whatever ....because that makes our countries look foolish Here's the underline, whatever, whoever, wherever we are, it's a fact that being bisexual or( lesbian) homosexual would start a bit of (or a lot of)denial/anger/refusal from the people around us. It's never easy to come out.i wish i could tell everyone that I'm gay or lesbian and happy the way I am.proud. Or try to tell everyone that I'm happy the way I am because I'm a homosexual (lesbian) who is acting up on her sexuality(which would probably make me look like a pervert for stright ppl

its just athinking and feeling that we feel that how we really feel :(

wish someday 2feel free and


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Mimo said...

I wanna know your coming out story pleasseeee