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Female to Male Transsexual‏

Female to Male Transsexual‏

Mark's Story
Copyright © 2006, by Mark Angelo Cummings

Mark Cummings (US, Cuba)
Occupational Therapist, Businessman
Also see Mark's book:
"The Mirror Makes no Sense"

I was born in Havana Cuba, my parents named me Maritza. I knew that there had been a terrible mistake made since the tender age of 3. I longed to be a boy, although my mother went out of her way to make me a girl. The dolls quickly turned into cars, in my mind anyway.

Growing up was very difficult. My heart, soul, and every drop of blood that moved in me screamed "boy", yet the outer appearance was deceiving. The world saw a girl. I felt out of place and all alone.

It wasn't till I was 38 years old that I discovered a name to my problem. I had gender dysphoria. Shortly after my discovery, I knew I had to create a change.

I set the ball in motion, and started the process. I went to therapy, then proceeded with hormones and finally, my surgeries. I had bilateral mastectomy at the same time as a full hysterectomy. I still need one more surgery, the creation of a phallus. This will come in time.

I have been blessed to have the most wonderful person in my life that was with me through my transition, and that is my lovely wife Violet. On January 26, 2006 my wife and I went on the Maury Povich Show to share our story, in hopes to help others learn of their dysphoria, and to bring them hope, that they too can be whole as well.

Violet and Mark, in 2004

Maury asked what I had down there, and I responded, I don't ask you what you have down there! He laughed and went on to another question. He was amazed on my transformation. He continue to say I don't see any bit of Maritza in you. I informed him how terrible my childhood was, that I would lay awake at night crying praying to be made a boy.
They showed pictures of me as a female bodybuilder, which I informed him was a way for me to feel masculine and get closer to the body that I had wanted so bad. He asked my wife how did she handle the fact that I was once female, she replied she never saw me as a female, even though I hadn't had the surgeries yet when I met her. She implied that I was more of a man than any man she had ever been with.
I told Maury Love knows no color or gender. The audience AHHHed.
I informed him and the audience that being transgender was not a sin, a crime nor deviant behavior. That it is a birth defect, a hormonal imbalance, created at 8 weeks gestation. Where the brain and the body fail to communicate. We need to get doctors involved and make us whole again. I look at the audience, and said, God created all living creatures and as one of Gods greatest creation, I stand before you all and plead. Please stop hating and start understanding. Open up your heart and mind and realize we are gods children too. The audience were in tears.

My line of business Lynn is wellness; I help people reach their fitness and health goals. I am an Occupational Therapist by trade, which basically means I help people regain their lost function due to illness or injury. I incorporated my medical background into a wellness center where now my wife and I proudly help construct bodies.

My wife and I own Bodies Under Construction, Inc., a salon and personal training studio in Florida. Our quest is to help those that come our way, to feel whole, whether it be to lose weight, or just feel comfortable in their own skin.

I want to become involved in our community to help our young brothers and sisters to transition smoothly, and let them know that God created us and we are definitely divine creatures. We are here for a purpose, and that’s to show humanity how lucky they are that they are whole and complete both on the inside and out.
Mark Angelo Cummings

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