Monday, July 12, 2010

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark

عـارضة الازياء التي شاركت في برنامج American Top Models
صرحت بمقابلة لها بعد انتهاء هالبرنامج عن مثليتها وحياتها مع حبيبتها
وان المثلية مؤثر مهم في مشوارها كـ عارضة..

كــما أن شاركت في فيديوكليب Let it Burn لــ Usher ..

وهذه مقتطفات بسيطة من مقابلتها عند تحدثها عن مثليتها ~


When you're on a job, your sexuality isn't relevant, is it?
JC: Except when you're shooting for a couple of long days, people talk about their girlfriend or boyfriend, their vacation, or whatever.
So now, I'm pretty open. But back then, it's also working with a man in that context. You're not quite sure how they're going to respond to that

You've said that people don't always believe you're gay.
JC: Try "never." Even my girlfriends don't believe I'm gay until we go to bed. I'm sure I'd do much better in L.A., because there are a lot more skinny femmes out there.

جيسيكا مع حبيبتها لوسـي

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