Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video: Is Kristen Stewart a Lesbian? Well actually, who cares???

Video: Is Kristen Stewart a Lesbian? Well actually, who cares???What is up with these Kristen Stewart lesbian rumors? This past week has seen a lot of speculation on the web that K-Stew likes girls better than guys after Perez Hilton wrote about the issue on his blog. But actually a little investigation reveals on Google that the rumor has been swirling for months... why?

Of course the whole thing flared up on Sunday night when Kristen and Robert Pattinson won Best Kiss honors at the MTV Movie Awards for the second year in a row and as a joke they tried to put their on again off again romance rumors to rest with an awkward kiss. But the joke seems to have backfired when they both showed a rare case of bad acting skills.

Sure, Kristen looked awkward and the two have done a much better job of it in the movies. But does that mean Kristen is a lesbian?

Y'know, these days it's OK to come out. It doesn't seem to have a disastrous effect on careers like it used to. Look at Adam Lambert... of course in his case it was like, Duh!

So what if she IS a lesbian? Who gives a crap? Well, maybe R-Patz... I mean, if he truly is in love with her and wants to be with her it could be devastating. Unless HE'S gay... hmmm... not bloody likely!

Give Kristen a break! I hope she finds the true love of her life someday... boy OR girl!

Here's the infamous kiss... decide for yourself:

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Sasha said...

If she is, I'll start dating men. Kristen can only bring us all down by association.