Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Places

Happy Places...

My arms around you,
your breath upon my cheek.
Kisses, wet and warm,
your heartbeat...
in step with my own.
your sweat upon my lips.
Sighs, sweet whispers and moans...
raining down on me.
Scent of your hair,
lingering across my bosom.
My heart wrapping...
around the love that shines,
just inside your eyes.
Feeling that tremble...
just below your belly,
all happy places for me.

Holding your hand...
your hands in my hair.
just barely touching,
you and I...
skin to skin.
Watching your quick wit
and laughter rolling...
an avalanche.
Sparkling droplets,
streaming down your curves...
in the shower.
A picnic in the grass...
seeing your smile glowing,
by a golden campfire.
just being by your side.
Drinking morning coffee...
you see,
it's the simplest of things,
that are happy places for me.

Scent of fresh cut grass,
lavender in the sun,
bread baking, popcorn popping,
your perfume and nag champa burning.
after a cool summer rain.
An ocean breeze, newborn babies,
and honeysuckle in dew.
These smells all happy places for me.

Listening to thunderstorms,
music, leaves rustling in the wind.
Your voice singing low,
(when you think I cannot hear),
laughter, children playing,
stories of the elders...
being spoken in majesty,
wolves howling.
Sound of your voice...
whispering I love yous.
Sounds I can bring to mind...
all happy places for me.

Tasting you,
peppermint melting on my tongue.
A nice glass of wine...
during a candlelight dinner.
Cool grapes...
from your lips to mine.
Ice cream, oranges, right from the tree.
Chocolate covered cherries and pop rocks.
Senses going wild...
because all of these are happy places to me.

Feeling the wind on my face,
cool water surrounding my body,
sun traveling my naked body.
Embracing your soul.
That after ache...
of making love for hours.
Nails, carving my back.
Hugs and positive energy.
Relaxed and kicked back.
Spiritual lifting of the soul.
You reaching out for me...
even as you sleep.
All of these happy places for me.

Seeing people reach out to one another,
sunrises and sunsets,
Christmas lights, lava lamps
and hummingbirds.
Watching ocean waves...
crashing against ancient cliffs,
rolling hills, starry skies,
and shadows on the walls.
Moments that ride by...
on my breath,
a treasure box of memories...
and all of these...
happy places for me.

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