Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shane the tomboy androgyne in the l wordShane McCutcheon

Shane McCutcheon
(Katherine Moennig)


Shane not only does the ladies hair but she does the ladies. As many as she pleases and she makes no apologies about it. That is until she met the married woman Sherry who broke her heart and put Shane on a war path vowing to never fall in love again. Watch out ladies......Shaney is BACK! Then she met the hottie named Carmen whom she seems to really like screwing but that's all she was willing to give. That is until Carmen started to date Jenny and continued to pop up in Shane's life making it hard for Shane to deny her feelings. Eventually Shane admitted her love for Carmen. What will happen in S3?

Fun Facts About Shane:
Shane has slept with an enormous amount of women
Shane does drugs periodically (well we only saw it periodically)
We know nothing about Shane's family except her mother didn't raise her brother & her together
Shane fell in love with a married woman named Sherry
Sherry's husband was financing a hair salon for Shane
He put a stop to it after he found out about Sherry
Shane got popular doing hair & got to work for a high powered woman
Shane had to keep Sherry's daughter from falling for her
Shane met a DJ named Carmen and fell in love
She tried to resist being in love with Carmen
She finally gave in and admitted her love to Carmen
Shane had a girl stalk her because she was hurt that Shane did a wham bam thank you maam on her *hehehe*
She wore a dress and heals for Carmen's family

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