Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sheryl Swoopes and Alisa Scott

.Who are Sheryl Swoopes and Alisa Scott?

Sheryl Swoopes is a WNBA basketball player. She has won the Most Valuable Player Award three times in the WNBA. She was MVP in 2000, 2002 and 2005. Sheryl Swoopes also won three Olympic Gold medals. As a member of the Houston Comets, Swoopes has won four WNBA championships.

Alisa Scott was an assistant coach for the Houston Comets when the two met.

Past Loves

Sheryl Swoopes was married for three years and has a son Jordan who she and Scotty are raising together.


Sheryl Swoopes told an Associated Press reporter that she would like to marry Scotty one day, but it seems unlikely that her home state of Texas will allow for that any time soon.

Sheryl Swoopes & Alisa Scott Love Quotes

While accepting the Spirit award at the National Center for Lesbian Rights' annual gala in 2006 Sheryl said, Scotty is "the best, most wonderful person, friend, lover, anything you could possibly imagine." (Source: Curve magazine, Oct. 2006)

Sheryl wrote in Essence magazine April 2006: "Alisa treated me the way I'd always longed to be treated. Each time she asked me out, she handled every detail. She always opened my door, helped me out of the car, pulled out my chair. Perhaps because she sensed I was reluctant in the new territory of a same-sex relationship, she took the lead. Nearly every day I went to her house after basketball practice. I constantly wanted to be in her presence. When we were apart. I'd call just to hear her voice--then I'd sheepishly hang up when she answered. By summer 2001. Alisa and I were in a committed relationship."

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