Sunday, January 27, 2008

..( Easy And Difficult )..

Easy is to get a place in someone's address bookDifficult is to get a place in someone's heartEasy is to judge the mistakes of othersDifficult is to recognize our own mistakesEasy is to talk without thinkingDifficult is to refrain the tongueEasy is to hurt someone who loves usDifficult is to heal the woundEasy is to forgive othersDifficult is to ask for forgivenessEasy is to set rulesDifficult is to follow themEasy is to dream every nightDifficult is to fight for a dreamEasy is to show victoryDifficult is to assume defeat with dignityEasy is to admire a full moonDifficult to see the other sideEasy is to stumble with a stoneDifficult is to get upEasy is to enjoy life every dayDifficult to give its real valueEasy is to promise something to someoneDifficult is to fulfill that promiseEasy is to say we loveDifficult is to show it every dayEasy is to criticize othersDifficult is to improve oneselfEasy is to make mistakesDifficult is to learn from themEasy is to weep for a lost loveDifficult is to take care of it so not to lose itEasy is to think about improvingDifficult is to stop thinking it and put it into actionEasy is to think bad of othersDifficult is to give them the benefit of the doubtEasy is to receiveDifficult is to giveEasy to read thisDifficult to followEasy is keep the friendship with words

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