Sunday, January 27, 2008

Under the rain

First drop of rain... where did it fall?Who stole it? who took it soulUnder the rain i stand and wonder?What's the use of rain without Thunderand i go on...On my wayif it could speak what would it say"I'm here to wipe away your tearsgive you strength to step on your fearsjust like you step on me with no careSometimes life is so unfairI'm here to remind you of all your dreamsof a life with colorful themesjust like i clear away those liezand give you the ability to open your eyes"First drop of rain... where did it gowho's the first one who felt it?...first one who sawUnder the rain i stand aloneThought, so many...Faces, UnknownTime to wipe away this PainUnder thunders so InsaneToday cant forever remainAnd i'm here... Under million drops of Rain

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